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Bollywood Biryani Paknajol

Bollywood Biryani, Paknajol Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal - Get directions
Minimum Order Limit : Rs 15

Bahubali Combo

Mini Combo

Lunch Box Combo

Bollywood Chicken Biryani

Bollywood Mutton Biryani

Bollywood Veg Biryani

Bollywood Egg Biryani

Bollywood Chicken And Mutton Biryani(KG)

Bollywood Non-Veg Roll

Bollywood Veg-Roll

Bollywood Indian Breads

Bollywood Chicken Tandoori Starters

Bollywood Chicken And Mutton Curry(KG)

Bollywood Chicken Curry

Bollywood Mutton Curry

Bollywood Veg Curry

Bollywood Daal Ke Bahar

Bollywood Veg Starters


Bollywood Special Gravy Rice(Full)


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I didn’t get my delivery yet

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no 509ml coke received, please verify

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5/5 Rating average